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Beautiful Basics. A rainbow of Straps. 1000’s of options. Gold!

It feels pretty cool to be able to say, “This changes everything,” and not only mean it, but know that it is absolutely and undeniably true.

The world of high-fashion footwear doesn't really change much. Yes, the shoes may change some, but the principals remain the same. A shoe is a shoe is a shoe... In other words, once you have a pair of shoes, the only way to change them is to buy a new pair of shoes. Until now!

Kick up your heels ... and some high-fashion toosh.

With four beautifully-crafted basic styles and a riotously colourful assembly of snappy interchangeable straps, this vivacious little Aussie upstart looks set to kick some serious high-fashion butt. One pair and a handful of strap sets is all it takes to create hundreds of different looks. 

Just think what that means! All it takes is one pair of shoes to go with pretty much your entire wardrobe... though a girl likes to be able to choose between heels and flats, so we agree, perhaps two pairs of shoes :). But, because the straps are interchangeable, when you travel, there won't be the same amount of agonising over what shoes to take and what shoes to leave behind. You'll be able to take the equivalent of hundreds of pairs and pretty much fit them into your handbag!

They are losing beauty sleep from Melbourne to Monaco. And yes, we confess, we are loving every step of the journey.


Michelle Noordink

Michelle Noordink - Creator and CEO

As a little girl, I gave Barbie a very hard time. I mean, I had standards! My Barbie had an incredible wardrobe, but OMG, she could make awful fashion faux pas. Especially when it came to shoes!

I come from a very creative family and, yes, my passion established itself early. It was inevitable that my enthusiasm for colour, fashion and style would find its way into my professional life. I studied Business Marketing at Griffith University, where I fell in love with the visual side of the business. Going on to study Graphic Design was a natural progression.

I moved overseas to steep myself in the minimalist design culture of Japan, where I sharpened my digital crayons on major brands like BMW, Nestlé and even the United Nations. I then balanced my Japanese yin with a bit of Yankee yang, living in Dallas, where I studied and practised as an interior designer. I continue to run a successful business, providing co-ordinated interior furnishings for hotels and resorts.

Thanks to my continuing love affair with fashion and, particularly, the high-end of foot fashion, I recently came up with the idea for Conf3ss: A range of fabulous fashion foot-candy that features snap-on, snap-off, interchangeable straps in a multitude of colours. Good-bye to the Too Few Shoes Blues!

BTW, I know that watermelon, apricot, caramel, cream and strawberry are not food, but colours :)

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