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This line of interchangeable shoes will solve all your wedding shoe related problems.

Check out these reasons why:


You can customise One Pair of shoes to match any bride or bridesmaid dress (Over 30 colours to choose from).


Bridesmaids can choose a heel height & style to suit them and still all have the same matching colour straps.


You can use the shoes after the wedding because you can change their look every time to match any outfit.


There’s literally hundreds of looks with One Pair (that's value).


Great for travel on the honeymoon or for after the wedding because for the space of one pair you can pack literally hundreds.

Bridal party shoe solutions: Conf3ss has the answer to matching glamour

In amongst the million-and-one minor details a bride deals with, in preparation for the big day, are shoes. Bridal and bridal-party shoes are an essential, but easily overlooked, component of the picture perfect day – a problem with very few solutions. Until now.

Brides, bridesmaids, matrons-of-honour and flower girls are all unique - together they form that intimate group that gather around to usher in your life-changing new chapter – but individually they come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

While finding designs and colours for bridal party dresses and flowers are high effort elements, nothing sets off wedding fashion like fabulous coordinate footwear. Here is where Conf3ss steps in to take all the pain out the task with a complete solution to take you from wedding day to honeymoon in effortless style.

No more labour-intensive fabric coverings. No more scouring boutiques for enough pairs and sizes for a large bridal party. No more blisters and aching feet from long days in new shoes. Conf3ss is a stylish, hi-chic shoe system that has changed the fashion footwear game forever, and the super speed with which it can colour match to any outfit.

The stylish and practical system is fashionable and fast said designer and company founder Michelle Noordink.

“We identified very quickly that our shoes had four very desirable traits for bridal parties that together are a complete solution to a constant problem for many brides,” Ms Noordink said.

“Primarily it is often about colour and coordinating the dresses on the day. We have over 30 colours in the attachable snap on straps and are constantly increasing that range so it’s a very simple task to tick that box.

“Secondly you have a choice of same style and colour, or different styles with matched colour. For example you might choose the high heel for the bridesmaids, a wedge for matron of honour, and perhaps flats for young teen flower girls – but all colour design principles are identical,” she said.

“They’re exceedingly comfortable as we’ve designed extra padding on the soles and magnets for maximum long-wear comfort so they’re great for weddings where there’s often long hours on your feet all day and into the evenings.

“And lastly, women have a tendency to keep wearing these shoes long after the event, unlike many ‘special occasion’ shoes, even the brides, as they can easily add to their collection of coloured straps to match their own outfits – so it’s a design win for everyone.”

The entire range of four styles in two colours and full set of 31 straps, equate to less than the cost of one average pair of designer shoes, and 256,000 design combinations to suit every possible bridal design.

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