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The Big Secret to Conf3ss Revealed

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The Big Secret to Conf3ss Revealed

Women write in to us all the time telling us that they find their Conf3ss shoes so comfortable to wear and I am going to share with you our little secret.

When I first designed the shoes not only did we spend a lot of time designing it to make them interchangeable, but we also spent a lot of time on comfort.

What most of you probably don't know is that they are a world's first magnetic therapy shoe.

Not only is each shoe lined with extra thick padding but they are also lined with therapeutic magnets moulded into the padding. These magnets can increase your circulation by 300% and it stimulates the reflexology points in your feet so your treating your whole body while you walk.

The reflexology points are directly associated with your back, hips, shoulders and other body parts and it work on them like accupunture.

This is why women can wear them all day, whereas a lot of other shoes women get tired after an hour or two.

The magnets are 1000 gauss in strength so a lot of magnetic field is penetrating through. Magnetic therapy also helps to supply oxygen rich nutrients right throughout your body.

The magnetic innersoles that you buy in pharmacies are really popular and cost around $40 a pair. Ours are already incorporated into the shoes for FREE.

Another aspect of the shoes, which also helps to make them extremely comfortable is the gel pads. They are also included with each pair of shoes free. They are placed at the ball of the foot for additional padding. These are also perfect for women with narrow feet because they stop your feet sliding forward and give you extra cushioning, You can also reuse them on other shoes. You simply peel them off, wash them in soapy water, which reactivates the adhesive and they are ready to use again.

So when you need an extremely comfortable and therapeutic shoe that also changes colour to match any outfit, come see us at Conf3ss.

Thanks for reading and lets catch up again soon.

Kind regards,

Michelle Noordink

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