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​This woman took over 300 pairs of shoes on a cruise

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Paralysed with packing fear? Calculating the costs of overweight luggage? Despairing over decisions? Fear not. Feeling fabulous this summer just got a whole lot easier with Conf3ss.

Super busy author, health professional and mum Maya Brosnan, recently took a mere 300 pairs for a weeklong cruise. Here’s how she did it.

It’s a perennial dilemma, the high efforts and expectations of glamour on the go. Even experienced vacation packers get the blues, especially with the hardest to pack item of all, shoes.

Conf3ss is an inventive, stylish and hi-chic shoe system that has changed the fashion footwear game forever, and how we pack for travel. Nevermore will it be necessary to agonise over which shoes to take, and which to leave behind.

It is a shoe revolution, able to match footwear with any outfit, mood or personality in an instant. The four base styles come in two colours, and with an array of 31 interchangeable straps that clip on and off - together they create a full range of design options – 256, 016 to be precise. This has fundamentally changed the way women can buy, store and outfit-match shoes, especially on holidays.

Maya Brosnan, author/blogger/nutritionist/naturopath/fitness and yoga professional, and busy mum of two said discovering Conf3ss shoes had transformed her shoe habit and her travel.

“I really love beautiful shoes, like most women, and it’s very important to be comfortable as well as looking good,” she said.

“I recently came back from a Vanuatu cruise. It was incredibly social with a different theme every night - the white party, formal night, Gatsby Jazz Age night, smart casual – you name it. There was also a lot of dancing involved every evening.

“All I packed were my two mid wedges in both colours and a handful of straps which gave me comfortable, glamorous shoes that went with everything I wore day and night.

“My daughter (10) and niece (9) also have a pair of the flats each which they love and wore constantly on holiday, so I guess you could say we’re a bit of a Conf3ss family.”

“I also just returned from a business trip to Melboune with my husband and had three formal functions in three days. Conf3ss to the rescue once again, and minimal packing stress.”

Conf3ss designer and founder Michelle Noordink said it was an efficient and practical system that was also fun and fashionable.

“We wanted to produce a high quality, fashionable set of shoe designs, that travelled easily and anywhere, and was also a time, money and space saver.”

“You can go from strolling the promenade deck or morning markets in pretty flats with beachwear, change the straps to suit a sassy lunch outfit, and change the straps again to suit your evening little black dress, or up the heel factor and clip on some bling - the options are endless,” she said.

The entire range of four styles in two colours and full set of 31 straps, equate to less than the cost of one average pair of designer shoes, and 256,000 design combinations to suit every possible occasion - on land or at sea.

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