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You'd think that web pages would look exactly the same in every browser, right?

If only that were true!

Our conf3ss website has been created and tested using Firefox, Chrome and Safari web browsers, as well as mobile devices. We highly recommend you view our website with one of these browsers.

What's the difference, you ask? Think of it like a magazine article that's printed in different publications. You would expect that the same details that are important to the story would be included in all the articles. However, the language and interpretation of the article is influenced by the publisher who has a unique 'voice' in the way information is interpreted.

So you'll receive the best 'interpretation' of our website from each of the browsers listed above. If you don't use these browsers, click on one of the logos and it will take you to their website, where you can download their browser to your computer. Please keep in mind that there are different ways your computer can interpret a website, which doesn't automatically mean the website is 'broken'.

To download the latest versions of these browsers, click on the icons below:

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Google Chrome
Windows and Mac

Mozilla Firefox
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Apple Safari
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